Modpack Lom – Packk v.2. Cheats and legal mods for World of Tanks 1.4.0

Lom – Packk © is an assembly of cheats and legal mods for World of tanks 1.4.0. It includes all the best cheats for a comfortable game, plus a fine-tuning from the author, who knows how to help the player in the game. Also, the author did not forget about the legal modifications, there is a great choice and again a fine adjustment from the author. An experienced mod user immediately understands, according to the list of modifications, that you can not skip this assembly, but simply install and enjoy the game World of Tanks. Not an experienced user, after the first installation does not want to put another.

LEGAL mods

  • Girls when downloading the battle, on the Tab key, etc.
  • Tactical positions on the minimap (by DontWorry)
  • Analysis of armor tanks directly in the hangar
  • Combat Wounds (POLIROID)
  • Decisive shot (POLIROID)
  • High-explosive Splash
  • Battle-assistant
  • Colorful Combat Chat and Messages
  • The Chaos Tower – increasing accuracy of fire
  • WN8 efficiency calculator in combat
  • Golden icons of premium tanks
  • Mod Firefly – an indication of the players who have been eliminated by the player
  • mod angel.status execution lbz
  • chat notification
  • Horizontal alignment angles (settings in the hangar)
  • Sniper mode for the art as on conventional tanks (scrolling with the mouse wheel)
  • Timer information
  • the sky is starry
  • colored penetrations
  • Screw Repair + Treatment
  • Lock-shot-Safeshot
  • AutoEquip-automatic installation of equipment
  • White corpses of tanks and white caterpillars
  • Encyclopedia_wiki_tanks
  • A circle of 15 meters around the tank for firing from the bushes
  • Rewards and medals in RTAN battle
  • Account Manager
  • replays manager
  • Statistics for the session
  • Location of allied artillery on the minimap and battlefield
  • The log of the received damage + mod of art was shot on me in a chat
  • Circle of the scatter of the gun – DispersionCircle
  • Full XVM


  • Modes of changing hangars when you press a button directly in the hangar


  • Statistics on tanks in the carousel as in XVM (% wins, average damage, progress marks to the barrel, number of battles)
  • Personal rating of players in battle without XVM
  • Auto-return of the previous crew (without XVM)
  • Flying damage, etc. as in KVM
  • Hangar Hours
  • Advanced hit log for WOT (without XVM)
  • Battle Observer-Account panel with HP commands + log damage


  • Damage indicator – Bullet
  • Damage indicator – Badboy78
  • Damage indicator – Predator
  • Increased indicator run time + direction


  • auto-extinguisher for silver
  • ball in place of the tank outside the square of the drawing
  • Mod shade from Polar Fox (model of the tank)
  • recharge from ZorroJan
  • Deleting Spaces objects (on / off button NUMPAD6)
  • Red balls of arta
  • destroyed on mini map
  • mod rear, a multi-colored indicator of the nearest enemies
  • Tundra in sniper scope (F2) + black sky (F11)
  • laser pointer

Installation and configuration:

Assemble the installation before removing all previously installed modifications.
In the installer, there are items for cleaning the folder “res_mods and mods” and also the point of cleaning the game cache !!!
Do not forget in the installer to mark these two points !!!


Modpack Lom – Packk  (230 MB)

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