Modpack Wot Fan for World of Tanks 1.3.0

There are 33 best mods for World of Tanks in In collection, which will add many useful functions to the game interface

Features of the collection

  • A very simple installation – this was possible for developers to achieve with the help of an excellent installer, who not only automatically does all the work, but also displays screenshots of each individual modification so that you better understand what you put.
  • Constant support and updates.

The assembly includes several dozens of mods, among which is the XVM with the author’s configuration file, the corners of the vertical, as well as horizontal guidance, a set of sights, multiple zoom and much more.

Also separately should be noted hangar mod, for example, the clock, as well as the altered tree of research, which has now become vertical, as in the old-good times.

Installing the collection
Since the installer has a convenient step-by-step installation system with screenshots, it is possible to install the compilation any tankman, because it’s enough to just run the file, tick the necessary mods and everything, then the installation will continue automatically.


WGMods_Essentials_v 1.3.0 (65 MB)

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