Modpack from webium v01

We want to offer your attention one modpack that has collected only useful mods for World of Tanks Judging by downloading this modpack is on the second place after Aslain modpack. The list of mods is simply huge, but all of they are very useful in this game. All mods are checked for operability, so there will be no lag!
Author: webium

The list of changes:

– Fixed Battle Observer Damage/Hit Log
– Fixed MultiHitLog installation (WN8 only )
– Fixed CS localization in XVM
– Updated Contour icons
– Updated Golden Premium tanks

Short description:

Modpack from Webium – it is 100 MB of mods, which are installed in a convenient installer. The poll shows that the mods from Webium are one of the best and most popular. Why do players respect this modpack?

– Large selection of mods;
– 5 advanced XVM configurations;
– Easy installation and removal.
– Small mod-pack size (~ 100 mb);
– Often updates.
– Languages (CZ/DE/EN/ES/FR/IT/NL/PL/RO)

Modpack from webium

A lists of mods:

  •  Fatality Sights
  • Harpoon Sights
  •  OverCross
  • Taipan
  • Taipan 2
  • Kellerman
  •  Sword of Damocles
  • Giacint
  • Oreshkin
  • Jimbo crosshair
  • HardScope
  • Animated-6
  •  Deegies sights
  • Zayaz scope
  • much more sights
  • XVM
  • Minimap + last known position
  • Mod clock in Hangar
  • zoom mod
  • hangars
  • sounds

Installation modpack

Download the installer and run. Follow the prompts.


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