Moriarty sight for World of Tanks

Every tanker wants to always hit into the enemy, and the MORIARTY sight for World of Tanks will help achieve this goal. The author of the utility intelligently reworked the arcade and sniper mode, without changing the basic gameplay elements, but making them more convenient.

After a simple installation, the player will be able to immediately use the modification already in the first battle. In the sniper mode, you will notice how the interface has changed. The recharge and health scales have not gone away, but they have become more visible. The color scheme of the sight did not change either: the author left the green-red colors that were already familiar to the eye so that the user would not waste time on mastering the software. Of the most significant changes can be noted reworked animation reload, as well as the added armor penetration, so that the shots were as effective as possible.

An excellent choice Moriarty sight for WOT will be for fans of artillery. The developer has updated the sniper mode for this type of equipment, improving the animation of the flight of the projectile, as well as making the process of information more visual. Modification can be customized, for example, change the color scheme to make the display of information more enjoyable.

Video review Moriarty sight


Moriarty sight  (3 MB)

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