Mpack – modpacks for weak PCs and laptops WOT 1.0.1

The assembly of the Mpack mods is assembled, for players of the World of Tanks with weak computers or laptops. Installing these mods in the game will not degrade the performance of the PC, so players will not experience a reduction in frame rate. But the fixes and improvements to the game interface will become noticeable.

Among the mods are improvements in the camera, which allows increasing the range, as for the sight built-in mod which increases the approximation up to 30x. In addition, the composition of the modpack includes modifications that will perfectly help the tanker, even in the hardest battle. One of them adds an indicator of the approach of the enemy. Now you can not suddenly be overtaken from the rear.

Also, other small additions have been added – the mods that take away the impact when a gun is shot or the shake-up that follows after hitting your tank, as well as many other smaller improvements and simplifications of battle. Also in the assembly is a huge variety of sights of different types, everyone can choose a suitable one.

In addition, there were many improvements and simplifications of the interface and interesting features, such as viewing earned medals, straight during the battle and a detailed panel of damage. There are a lot of them, they can not all be listed, but they will undoubtedly please the players. All the mods of this assembly are designed to simplify many aspects of the game. For those to whom it seems too complicated.


Mpack – modpacks  (14 MB)

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