[1.4.1] Multiclient – World of Tanks servers in one client (us, eu, kr, ru, sea, cn)

The policy of the company Wargaming  is such that users of the game “World of tanks” from different countries go into battle on different servers. And “tankmen” from Russia cannot see in battle players from French or English. Another reason why Russian players want to try to fight at foreign resources is that there are various actions and surprises are distributed more often than on RU resources. How can you do to realize these dreams?

Of course, you can download a client designed for European space or China, but why install two identical versions on a personal computer? It’s enough to install a multi-client and you can play on all World of Tanks servers in one client. In the process of operating this development, you should know about several features.

One of them is that you will have to register again. The old account on the import server will not act. Switching between different territories will involve some difficulties. You will either have to use the file manager more often or work with labels that launch different options, whether it’s an American location or native Russian spaces.


Multiclient (3 MB)

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