Multistart WOT + Tundra for World of Tanks 1.0.1

The mod is made in the form of an executable file Worldoftanks.exe and thanks to it, it is possible to bypass the limitation on the number of simultaneously launched clients World of Tanks.

Features of cheat

  • Here you will find mod Tundra. When aiming in sniper mode, the entire vegetation will be turned off on the map, thereby increasing the visibility (not the range of the tank’s view, and your review as a player, you can better see the enemies, they will now not hide the foliage). Due to the fact that the mod is built into the executable, there will be no conflicts with other modifications. In the arcade mode, vegetation will remain, which will benefit the atmosphere of the game.
  • Multi-start. And this function will be useful to tankers who like to spend time studying new maps in training rooms. Previously it was necessary to look for a partner because training does not start with one player, it was necessary to look for the second tankman. Now you can run two copies of the client and enter under different accounts in the training room.



  • We replace the standard Worldoftanks.exe with the one that is in the archive. But before that, make a copy of the original file in case the result is not particularly pleasant.
  • Foliage can be turned off with the F2 key.


Multistart WOT + Tundra (7 MB)

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