New mod “Navigator” for World of Tanks 1.9.0 [Free]

New legal cheat mod Navigator World of Tanks

Mod, which has not been banned by the developers of the game, but its interests is growing every day. “Navigator in the World of Tanks” indicates the way to secret points from which you can fire. The only negative of mod – you have to buy it. But on our site you can to download mod “Navigator” for free.

5 days ago we wrote about the new “Navigator” mod for World of Tanks. And today the developers of the mod told that mod is completely ready and passed all the testing stages and even made a video of the installation.

What Navigator is doing

Allows the player to climb to the secret positions for effective fire by means of bright trajectories on all the maps of the game:

Is Navigator legal?

The modification is completely legal, the developers of World of Tanks gave permission for its publication and distribution. “Navigator” simply replaces the standard landscape textures, minimap, the capture circle of the base and other game files. It does not do anything for you, only shows the exact trajectory for the arrival at the position or the replanting. If it automatically drove your tank to the plantings, then only in this case was not legal.


mod “Navigator (1 MB)

1.9.0 will be soon

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