OldSkools modpack for WoT

Today we offer a famous modpack from OldSkools. Only the most necessary and useful mods you will find here. Now the game will become much more comfortable thanks to a lot of informative modifications. In addition, modpack has an author’s configuration XVM.

Here are the list of mods inside a modpack

  • EXtended Session Statistics
  • Clock in Hangar
  • Improved direction indicator
  • Improved indicator of the number of shells
  • SafeShot: a ban on firing on newly destroyed tanks;
  • Removal of camouflage, logos and inscriptions on tanks;
    Sights with advanced features;
  • Customizable Damage Panels: Standart Damage Panel and Custom Damage Panel;
  • OldSkools modpack OldSkools modpack
  • Zoom: Commander camera with the ability to turn off the effects of the dynamic camera;
  • NoScroll: sniper scope only by pressing ” Shift ”;
  • ZoomX: multi-position sniper scope (x2, x4, x8, x16);
  • Removing the blackout in the sniper scope;
  • Detailed statistics for the session on the server;
  • Color messages about the outcome of the battle;
  • In-game replay manager;
  • White dead tanks mod;
  • Live Ingame WN8 Calculator
  • AutoEquip mod
  • Minimap Viewrange Square
  • See enemies direction of View
  • Various interface improvements and performance.
  • And much more


Modpack in en/de languages


Run the installer, select mods and enjoy;)

All game mod files are stored in the World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ folder


ProMod (6 MB)

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