Cheat mod Tundra – removes all leaves in WOT 1.4.1

Cheat mod “Tundra” completely clears the vegetation from the map, giving the opportunity to fire on enemy tanks more effectively. Features of modification Attention! Mod is forbidden by game developers and for its use you can be forever banned! Use at your own risk! Activation of the mod is made using the “F2” key –…

Mod max farplane for WOT 1.4.1

Hello Dear Tankmen! Today we look at a small but useful and functional modpack, from author Urban_fighter, for the version 1.4.1. But I want to pay attention, some elements of this assembly can affect your FPS (gameplay performance) and if you have a weak computer, then I recommend to refrain from using it.

Scope ATAC for WOT 1.4.1

Mod Atas is designed to protect inattentive tankmen from the unexpected appearance of light enemy tanks in the rear. The mod works as follows: when an enemy appears within a hundred and fifty meters from your tank, Atas will show its name, exact distance to it, and also an icon with an exclamation point inside….

Cheat mod Shadow for WOT 1.4.1

Mod Shadow will help to see the last location of the enemy, which disappeared from the light zone. How does the mod work? If any tank from the enemy team lit up and then disappeared from the viewing area, then at the place of its last location will appear a translucent silhouette of the tank…

AVSMODS – the best cheat modification for WOT 1.4.1

In this mod assembly created by the player PolarFox, the tankman will find the most necessary and useful modifications for the World of Tanks. Mods inside Avsmods Tundra X-Ray Enemy direction Lasers Gun direction Chameleon Enemy destruction indicator Beyond render range indicator Shadow Reloading Auto heal/repair/fire extinguisher Advanced 6th sense

Modpack PRO Tanki v49 for WOT 1.4.1

Hello, dear Tankmen! Today we would like to introduce you, with the multi modpack to the update version of the game World of Tanks 1.4.1. The peculiarity of this multi modpack is a huge selection of modifications: you can choose the sights you are interested in, any convenient option or damage panel and so on.

Minimalistic sight Dellux for World of Tanks 1.4.1

The standard sight, loaded with all sorts of data and various devices, has many opponents among World of Tanks players. The way out is seen in the installation of the mod’s minimalist Dellux sight for World of tanks 1.4.1. And really, there is absolutely nothing superfluous. All only the most necessary. There is an indicator…