Pfmods cheat modpack for WOT

This modpack is made by a player under the nickname Polar Fox and in its assembly you will find several cheating modifications, allowing you to get a huge advantage over opponents.

What does the assembly consist of?

  • An indication of reloading of enemy vehicles. Now a special counter will appear above the enemy tanks, which will show the remaining time until the end of the recharge operation. Mod takes into account the installed modules and equipment, so the accuracy of the time display is almost perfect.
  • The minimap in addition to standard functions like the drawing circle was supplemented with one additional possibility: now if some enemy tank destroyed the object on the map, a special mark will appear, both on the minimap and on the battlefield itself. This information allows you to find out exactly where the opponent’s forces are located. And in the battles on the Global map or in team battles, the usefulness of this chit is difficult to overestimate.
  • Delete objects from the map that are being shot. A very useful cheat, with its help you will see, for example, behind the fence tank enemy and you do not have, as before, to fire almost at random.

You can configure each component of the assembly using separate configuration files.

  • reloading.json – setting the indication of reloading enemies.
  • destruction.json – the config file of the destroyed objects.
  • breakable.json – this file can be used to configure the deletion of objects being shot.


  • In the archive you will find two folders, extract them to the World_of_Tanks directory.

Take a look at the demo screenshots:


Pfmods cheat modpack (2 MB)

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