PMOD – one of the best integrated mods for World of Tanks 1.4.0

P-MoD is a collection of useful modifications for World of Tanks, equipped with the ability to configure each component of the modpack.

What modifications are included in this assembly?

  • A very useful mod called the “commander’s camera.” Allows you to detach the camera much further than the standard version.
  • Setting the desired zoom ratio for the sniper shooting mode. Thanks to this, you can zoom in the camera as much as you need it, and not specified by the developers.
  • Ability to disable the transition to sniper mode using the mouse wheel. Useful for some tankers.
  • Tired of black spots on the sides when you are in sniper shooting mode? Now it can be turned off, than by widening its angle of visibility.
  • Disabling of the annoying rocking of the sight with a dynamic camera.
  • Ability to disable the new FOV.
  • Many other possibilities – read below how to configure them.

As you can see, this modpack will be able to help you in the battle, adding new features to the game.

How to use and install this modpack?

The folder from the mod is copied to \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ [current version of the patch].

By default, most modpack unctions are already enabled, however you can customize the mods to your liking with the P_MoD file, which is located in 1.2.0\ scripts \ client \ mods. Comments in the file are in Russian, so there will be problems with editing.


PMOD_ver_1.4.0.0_38-0 (4 MB)

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