Premuim hangar from standard for WOT

You must know that tankers who buy premium account do not use a standard dirty and dilapidated hangar, but a beautiful and clean one. But what to do if you do not have money, but want to have nice tanks? Correctly, install this mod, replacing the standard hangar with a premium option.

Features of mod

  • No changes – hangars such as was made by developers, the mod only changes their places.
  • The small size of the mod is only 50 KB (the fact is that standard hangars are built into the client, so you do not need to download them, you download only the files needed to replace them).

If you do not like the standard hangars we advise you to look at our mod section for World Tanks, which contains a huge variety of different improvements for the game.

How to install a premium hangar instead of the usual WOT

Fold the downloaded archive from the \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ [current version of the patch].


Premuim hangar (50 KB)

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