[1.4.0] Pulse scope for World of Tanks

The new Pulse sight, created by the Coyotes community, differs not only in its unusual visual style, but also in the absence of scripts, which will save the player from FPS subsidence.

Features of modification

  • Now the grid will not merge with the terrain of some maps, because colors are matched as competently as possible.
  • Convenient location of these sight.
  • FPS does not fall, because the author made a sight without using scripts. It’s safe to install on weak computers.
  • Two versions of the mod – it is in English and Russian.
  • The arcade and sniper modes are changing.
  • The ability to customize the color of the fashion interface directly in the game client.


Copy the mod files to \ mods \ 1.4.0

Below you will find additional screenshots of the scope, so that you can more fully understand the changes:

Pulse scope scope for WOT


Sight Pulse (500 KB)

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