Purple sight for World of Tanks 9.22

We offer you a sight, feature of which is a complete color change.

Features of modification

  • In sniper mode, the grid has become much bigger and now all the elements of the sight are purple instead of the standard green.
  • Indicators have a new location, for example, the distance to the target is on top and slightly to the left, but the recharge timer is shifted to the right side at the bottom of the scope.
  • The mix also changed now it is purple, but its shape is the same as before.
  • In addition to numerical and percentage values, it is possible to track the remaining recharge time and the strength of the tank with the help of colored bands along the edges of the sight, which change the degree of fullness, depending on how much the tank is damaged or how long it remains before reloading.
  • In the arcade mode, there is no large grid and there are not many changes there, except for the color.

Installation sight

After installing all the fonts from the archive, copy the mod files to the World of Tanks \ mods \ 0.9.22 directory


Purple sight (800 KB)

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