RaidenSLO modpack v1 for WOT

Modifications World of Tanks are created to improve the gameplay, make variety in the game, add a new interior hangar or refresh the musical composition. But such modpack, as RaidenSLO for the World of Tanks, you will not meet often. It’s functionality so rich. It contains everything that is really needed a player for a successful game.

White dead tanks, a very useful installation. To know that the enemy is immobilized is to win half the battle.
You can tell about all the possibilities of RaidenSLO for hours. Easier to install it and try yourself its opportunities.

Mods included in modpack

  • XVM 7.2.3
  • clock in hangar
  • auto return crew and equipment
  • 2 rows for tanks
  • statistic in hanger
  • Hitlog
  • Damage panal
  • Alternative minimap playernames
  • 6th Sense mod
  • Sound mod
  • PMOD mod
  • autologin
  • Zoom mod
  • Zoom OUT
  • Arty increase scroll speed
  • Free camera mod
  • Horizontal stabilization
  • Penetration Calculator
  • Total HP of teams – Default style
  • Battle results, statistics in the game
  • Colored Tech-Tree
  • CrewSkillInformer
  • some useful mod from PROTANKI modpack
  • Repair extended by spoter
  • SafeShot mod
  • Wizard’s Icon Pack by yaya070
  • White tanks by StranikS_Scan
  • White chain tracks by StranikS_Scan
  • and much more

Download MOD_v1 (41 MB)

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