Red balls for artillery WOT 1.4.0

With the help of this mod, shooting on the enemy’s un-illuminated artillery will be more effective.

What is the meaning of mod?

Without this mod player that like destroying enemy arty on tracers are forced to wait for the appearance of a thin, hardly noticeable tracer, which disappears from the battlefield in a few moments. Because of this, we have to closely monitor a certain section of the map and player can notice the enemy.

With the red balls, the situation is changing, now after the artillery shot, a red ball appears on its location, it’s very easy to notice it. And if the enemy remained in place, ignoring the main rule of the game on the art (shot – hand back), then it can be easily destroyed.

This cheat smartly combined with the commander’s camera, because you can view the entire map. Thus, after a few minutes of combat, you will be able to ensure the security of allied heavy tanks and tank destroyer, because they are the primary goal for the opponent’s arty.

In the folder World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ copy everything that is in the unpacked archive.


mod_redball (2 MB)

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