Red-blue sight from Badboy78 for World of Tanks

If you want all the most important and useful information about your tank to be displayed directly in front of you, then you should install a Badboy78 red-blue sight for World of tanks 1.5, which is based on the popular Damocle Sword mod.

sight for WOT

So, what is changing in the sight? An indicator of the number of shells, the distance to the target. The recharge time is duplicated by numbers and a light circular indicator, which upon completion of the CD, changes its light from red to blue. All designations are made in bright, contrasting colors, which are noticeable on summer and winter maps, during the day and at dusk.

All the necessary data is right before your eyes. Distance to the object – the information is irreplaceable. Knowing the distance and time of the flight of the projectile of its equipment, you can take the correct lead.

If it happens that the projectile, located in the gun, can not penetrate the armor or does not cause damage, then the sight signals a special indicator of the thickness of the armor. And for equipment with multiply-charged guns, a flashing indicator shows the number of shells in the cassette (holder).
The author did not forget about the artillery. Modification – is useful for arty. In the artillery mode, it is made of a high-contrast purple dotted line, which favorably distinguishes its standard sight, which sometimes merges with the landscape.


Red-blue sight ( 1 MB)

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