Release update 1.0 for WOT

Already this month Wargaming will release the most global patch for the entire time of World of Tanks, which was called “1.0”. In the anniversary update, the developers paid the most attention to the graphics, because it has already become obsolete over all the years of the game’s existence and what looked good in 2010 is not so impressive after eight years. What will happen in the end, the next Rubicon or a new milestone in the development of the most popular tank action? Let’s find out.

Every one interesting when will be release World of Tanks 1.0? We answer

Release update WOT 1.0 for RU server will be on March 20th and for EU sever 21st March

Now, according to team representatives, the game finally leaves the beta stage and discards “0” from the version name. We collected the most important information about the upcoming update:

  • A new game engine called Core Engine was developed in 2016, since that time the team worked on creating maps.
  • All the maps were recycled from scratch, while the familiar gameplay has not changed.
  • There was a unique musical design of maps. Each location will receive its authentic sound. More than 50 composers and musicians worked on new compositions.

What will happen to the players on old and weak computers? According to the developers, they tried to optimize the graphics as much as possible, so those who played at medium-high settings will get a lower of fps.

Already on the site you can download the demo of the graphics engine to check how the update will work on your computer.

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