Release update 1.4.0 for World of Tanks


Download version 1.4 in advance right today! The update 1.4.0 will be released tomorrow, 05th of February.

Pre-distribution updates will reduce the load on gaming services on the day of its official release. And you, having downloaded the new version in advance, will be able to try it out immediately, as soon as it is released.

Download all updated mods and modpacks for version 1.4.0 you will find here

Changes of update 1.4.0 for World of Tanks

Major changes

  • A rebalance of the tasks of the second operation of the Second Front campaign was carried out.
  • Added support for multi-threaded display of the entire graphics of the game, which will increase performance due to more uniform loading of all available cores of the CPU.
  • Work has been done to improve the performance of the in-game store.

Changes in wheel equipment

  • Optimized motion physics settings.
  • Made balance edits.

New in appearance settings

  • A new type of appearance elements has been added – tactical numbers (three-digit numbers with the ability to manually enter and select a font).
  • For premium technology VIII level added the ability to move the decals on the available cells provided on the machine.
  • On the “Ready Styles” tab, one new style has become available for each nation.

Changes to the in-game store and warehouse

  • A section has been added to the Warehouse, where unique styles will be stored that are not suitable for cars in the Angara. There will also be styles, which have fallen out of the New Year’s boxes, if there is no target technique for them.
  • A counter has been added to the cards of sets of several items: now you can immediately see how many items (for example, how many First Aid Kits) are included in the set.

Maps Changes

Tours to hard-to-reach spots on all maps are closed. Fixed bugs on the following maps:

  • “Karelia”
  • Live Oaks
  • “Lasville”
  • “Cliff”
  • “Murovanka”
  • El Halluf
  • “Aerodrome”
  • “Steppes”
  • “Minsk”
  • “The border of the Empire”
  • “Klondike”
  • Nebelburg
  • “Monastery”.

On the “Border of the Empire” map, the “Storm” mode is disabled.

A “Lost City” map has been added for the “Random Battle” mode (including assault and oncoming combat), as well as for the “Attack / Defense” type of team battle. There was a deep processing of the card for these modes and types of battles. The map will get IV-X level equipment.

More about update 1.4.0 you will se in the video below.

Review update World of Tanks 1.4.0

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