Safeshot – for WOT 1.4.0

Now the possibility of a shot at the destroyed enemy will be blocked for two seconds in order not to waste the projectiles and not to destroy the ally with an accidental shot. Very helpful!

What is SafeShot for?

This modification will be useful in two cases.

    • 1. You probably spent not one hundred shots during the whole game, when your shell came into the already destroyed enemy. Am I right? As a result, you lose not only wasted silver, but also wait while the gun reloads, and you could shoot at another enemy! Now such situations will not be and within two seconds after the destruction of the enemy, to which you were brought together, shooting will be impossible.
    • 2. And now the most delicious. Did you have a situation when you aim at the enemy, but your projectile enters the allied tank? If the answer is “yes”, then this modification will save you from such embarrassments.
  • Below, the mod will be presented in three versions:
  • Do not shoot at allies and in damaged tanks.
  • Do not shoot only in the padded.
  • Do not shoot only the allies.
  • It is worth mentioning that the author constantly supports and updates his mod. For example, in the latest version, shooting on blue teamkillers was unlocked.

    How to install SafeShot

    The folder from the downloaded archive should be placed in \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ [current version of the patch].

  • Download:

  • safeshot (36 KB)

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