Scope ATAC for WOT 1.8.0

Mod Atas is designed to protect inattentive tankmen from the unexpected appearance of light enemy tanks in the rear.
The mod works as follows: when an enemy appears within a hundred and fifty meters from your tank, Atas will show its name, exact distance to it, and also an icon with an exclamation point inside. In addition to the name of the technique, its strength, maximum and current is shown.

Not very many tankers pay proper attention to the minimap, and there is a lot of valuable information (especially if its improved version is installed)! But even if you regularly monitor the minimap, then in the moments of careful aiming at the enemy’s far-away technique, a case may occur when an enemy aircraft or medium tank unexpectedly break into the rear and begin to shells.

The situation is not pleasant, but it is especially difficult to understand that it was you who were to blame for everything, you had to look more often at the minimap to notice the enemy who was going around from the rear or the flank. But after installing the mod of such cases will no longer happen, if the enemy is within a radius of 150m around your car, then Atas will show all the information on the enemy, and the icon will exclude the situation when even the inscription was not noticed.

After installation, you will be able to manually change a variety of settings of the mod, for this open the program Notepad ++ configuration file called atac.xml. It is Russified, so you will not have any problems. Variant of the inscription, its color, icon, display styles and other – all this can be customized by making the interface mod to your taste.


In the archive with the mod you will find one folder, you need to extract it to the address World_of_Tanksres_mods [current patch].


mod_atac (2MB)

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