Scope Kellerman for WOT

In addition to changing the targeting interface, this mod adds a multiple zoom to the game.

Features of modification

  • Changes will affect all three modes of fire – artillery, arcade and sniper.
  • The colors have changed completely, instead of green, blue now dominated, which ensured a high visibility of the elements of the sight on all maps, and winter, and desert, and summer. The standard sight could not boast of this, some elements, for example, the guidance marker, were often lost on the background of vegetation.
  • Excellent mixing, both noticeable and beautiful. When you can shoot, the reduction is white, but for the time of reloading, its color changes, and inside the circle blue rectangles gradually disappear. Also the sight circle is gradually filled with a red, translucent color, which provides a visual perception of recharging, you can not pay attention to the digital timer, which, incidentally, is present.
  • All other timers \ indicators are the same as in the standard mode, only the colors and slightly the location have changed. The recharge timer, the durability of your tank, the range to the target, etc.
  • A multiple zoom is built into the sight, due to which it is possible to increase the multiplicity so that it is comfortable to fire on the enemy’s distant technique.
  • Armor calculator – shows the thickness of the enemy’s armor in the place

mod for WOT mod for WOT


First we install two fonts, which can be found in the archive.
After the first step, we copy the two folders of their archive to World_of_Tanks \ mods \


Pricel Kellerman (3 MB)

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