Scope Strike for WOT 1.0.1

The sight is made for all three shooting modes, and its main feature, in my opinion, is beautiful, animated aim information.

Advantages of mods

  • Well visible on all maps thanks to a cleverly selected color. Bright green elements are visible against a background of dense vegetation, which will save the tankers from the cases when the guidance marker is lost in the foliage.
  • A bright marker of guidance in the form of a large green dot.
  • Gorgeous one-piece mixing. This is a white circle in which during the replay plays a beautiful animation in the form of the emerging rectangles.
  • Indicator 50% of the information.
  • In addition to the new interface, the Strike scope will add information on the number of remaining hit points, show the distance to the target, the recharge timer, and the remaining projectiles in the ammunition.

As a result, it turned out an excellent, minimalistic sight, which, without distracting from combat, changes the interface in the direction of greater convenience and visibility, the same guidance marker and new information look much better than the standard options.


In the archive are the mod itself and the font, so that the numbers are correctly displayed. First, install the font, then copy the two folders from the scope to the World_of_Tanks \ mods \ 1.0.1 directory.


Scope Strike (360 KB)

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