Sight Animated-6 for World of Tanks 1.4.0

At first sight the scope Animated-6 may seem rather huge, but this is the price of an abundance of possibilities, and even digging into the game settings can make the interface almost minimal

Features of modification

  • Replacement of all shooting modes, new sights for arcade, sniper and artillery aiming.
  • A marker of guidance in the form of four turquoise strips and a red dot in the center.
  • Animated recharge process.
  • Recharge sensor and remaining time.
  • The sensor of the current zoom ratio, the distance to the target and the review of the enemy tank.
  • When hovering on the tank, the circle of information changes its color depending on the thickness of the armor at a given point.
  • More vivid information for arty tank, immediately striking (the form remains the same, just clear clarity).
  • Showing the time for which the enemy is being recharged and the number of remaining¬†HP
  • In the mode of ART-SAU appears info-panel about the tank.
  • As you can see, the heap features, but the interface is too obvious, so I recommend that after testing work go to the settings and remove unnecessary information.


We go in mods / 1.4.0 and copy here the files from the archive with the modification.

It looks like this:


Pricel Animated-6 (800 KB)

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