Sight Assassin for WOT

Bright colors, a new font and a nice mixing – these are the main advantages of the Assassin sight.

Features of modification

  • The turquoise text of indicator names and white numbers of their states.
  • In the arcade mode, the standard mix is used, but the marker has changed, it is executed in the form of a turquoise cross. In addition, in the arcade mode, there is a new counter of the remaining projectiles in the drum loading systems.
  • In addition to information, all the above elements are the same in the sniper targeting mode. However, the very reduction is more noticeable here. Initially, its color is turquoise, but when the recharge begins, the color changes to red.

Installing the sight Assassin

  • Open the downloaded archive and install the font.
  • After that, copy the wot mod files to /World_of_Tanks/mods/0.9.22.
  • The sight is installed!


Sight Assassin (350 KB)

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