Sight from marsoff for World of Tanks

Today we want to offer World of Tanks players one creations. Designers use all sorts of creative solutions. Someone is trying to impress the “tankers” with modern and an abundance of graphic elements, while others are trying to remove everything that is possible, leaving several lines for the possibility of accurate shooting. There is also a third current, whose supporters are trying to find a “golden” middle.

A nice sight from marsoff for World of tanks can be attributed to 3rd group. The modification has everything that is required for successful combat operations. Indicators of the integrity of the armor and the number of remaining ammunition, the time of reloading the gun and its readiness, the informer of the magnification multiplier and the rangefinder are not forgotten. In the queue is the original design.

Having switched to the mode of accurate shooting, the player sees in front of himself an image of an old good sniper scope instead of a sighting net. It remains to catch the target on the fly and shoot. The lines are made in black, with a contrasting color. It is quite noticeable on any type of maps, and will not allow the enemy to go unnoticed. The circle of information is a turquoise dotted line, which becomes bright red after the shot, indicating that the charger is doing his job.


Sight from marsof (2 MB)

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