Sight Meltymap’s Mathmod for WOT

This modification changes standart sight  World of Tanks to unusual version, which has special functionality. This sight has an interesting design, which is caused by the addition of the indicator line of the review, which was not found in others modifications.

Mod has a multiple increase in the scope, information about the state of your ammunition and digital information about the state of your drum loading. In general, the full standard set of this sight is available accurately. Therefore, this scope can be recommended to those players who like unusual, new, excellent results sight. Pleasant to use!

Meltymap's Mathmod

Mod has an excellent informative information MeltyMap witch will make your game more comfortable. The mixing is done in nice colors and has beautiful animation. Color information is created to be noticeable on any maps. The author of the sight from China himself and made it in a minimalist style. When reloading the information turns red, when it ends the color changes to green, so you never miss the moment of readiness your gun.
In addition, the information displays the data on the thickness of the armor of the tank when hovering and shows you the angle at which the projectile will enter the enemy’s armor. For ease of use, a x30 zoom was added to the mode in sniper mode.


Inside the archive there are 2 colors of the sight – blue and green. Choose one of them.
Copy files from the archive to the folder World of Tanks / res_mods /


Pricel MeltyMaps (400 KB)

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