Sight Octagon for WOT 1.4.0

The new sight Octagon is made in a hexagonal style and has a new information, as well as a reload animation.

Features of modification

  • The mixing is now not round, but hexagonal. Initially, it is green, but after the shot turns red and begins to fill with green, which allows you to visually estimate the time of the remaining recharge.
  • The guidance marker is made in the form of an orange circle around which there are arrows of the same color.
  • The recharge timer and the distance to the target are shifted down.
  • In the arcade mode, the indicators remained in their places, but they became larger, and their color was brighter.

In addition to the sight, there are¬†others mods in stylistics “Octagon”, for example, the lights of the Sixth Sense, as well as the damage panel. If you like this style, look at these mods.

First, install the font from the corresponding folder, then copy the mod files from the archive to World of Tanks \ mods \ 1.4.0


Pritsel Octagon (400 KB)

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