Sight Spector20 for WOT 1.4.0

The sight created by the Spectr20 player is very similar to the version used by Jove, but there are several changes and one of them is the most important – the presence of the enemy’s armor indicator.

Features of modification

  • Complete replacement of all three shooting mods, from artillery to sniper.
  • The new information. It is now integral and it has a recharge animation – when the charger does his work, the red circle is filled with green, which allows you to visually estimate how much time is left before the next shot.
  • On the left are two timers, one shows the total recharge time, the other gives information about the total duration.
  • On the right, the player will find the indicator of the strength of tank in percent, as well as the number of remaining shells. All four indicators became more noticeable due to the new font, which needs to be installed separately (is in the archive with the mod).
  • White marker. It would seem that a small but very useful innovation, now the aiming point will never be lost on the background of the map landscape.
  • And most importantly – the indicator of armor penetration. Point your sight at the enemy equipment and at the point where the marker is looking, the actual thickness of the armor will be displayed, as well as the above, which will almost certainly know whether the player will damage or not.

Sight Spector20 for WOT Download Sight Spector20

Open the archive, install the font and two folders copy here: World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 1.4.0


Pritsel Spectr20 (500 KB)

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