Sight Sword of Damocles ver. 7.15 for WOT

Now there are a lot of sights for WOT, but such a high-quality and thoughtful as this one is only a few. Sight of Damocles Sword for WOT is one of the best sights for tanks that exist at the moment. It has appeared already for a long time and during this time its progress only pleases. From the very first version of the sight, a lot has changed and now it really is a very powerful and useful sight for a successful game in WOT.

It consists of the following elements:

  • Arcade and sniper sights
  • Art sight Damocles sword

The arcade and sniper’s sights have a very pleasant appearance and display a lot of useful information:

  • Full indicator;
  • Indicator armor in the given place;
  • Information with a filling circle during recharging;

In general, they look great and do not interfere with you precisely aiming at the enemy, because the information displayed is located so as not to interfere with your battle. But the main highlight of the sight is the art sight of Damocles’ sword. This is really a powerful tool for the artists.

It can do the following:

  • Calculate the flight time of the projectile
  • Show the range to the target and the maximum firing range of your artillery
  • Output target speed indicators forwards and backwards
  • Output splash indicators

Sight Sword of Damocles

If you have never played with this sight, be sure to download it and try to play a couple of fights. You will definitely like it.


Sight Sword of Damocl (500 KB)

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