Skins with weak zones (Korean Random) for World of Tanks 0.9.22

We already published similar skins, but this version has much more dark (but still noticeable!) design. Made especially for beginners, because even the most-intelligent wunderkind does not learn the weaknesses of 300+ tanks in the World of Tanks at once.

Why do we need skins with penetration zones?

In our game you have a very detailed system of damage to tanks. Angles, different thickness in different planes, a lot of modules, as well as the crew of the tank … All this is modeled and each hit on you is almost unique, because even two hits at the same point may differ depending on the angle of the projectile. And even if this angle is the same, it is still possible not to break through the armor.

But enough boring words, I will say simply – after installing this collection, almost all problematic for the penetration of tanks will mark the weak points, as well as the point where the modules are located and where the crew sits. Thus, you do not need to randomly choose the location of the aiming – give a volley on the combat laying of the enemy! Or in the place where the charger sits! To play it becomes easier and let you be called a weak player, believe me, even the most experienced players in WoT at first did not know where to shoot on this or that tank. And when you learn the weak points of technology, you can remove skins, it’s a matter of a couple of clicks …

What do the labels mean on the skins?

The steering wheel is a driver-mechanic.
Shells – there is a combat vehicle and there is a chance to slow the recharge to the enemy.
Strips on the cannon – a top gun is already installed on the machine.
Lights – there are tanks here.
Binoculars are the commander.
Cross is a gunner.
Note that in the collection are not all the tanks in the game, for example, there are no small-scale machines or artillery. If you do not really like the dark background, do not worry, because you can use light skins with penetration zones. They have the same style, but they are lighter.

How to install the modification?

The “vehicles” folder from the loaded mode needs to be copied to \ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ Done!

And now let’s look at the screenshots that demonstrate the work of new skins:


Skins with weak zones (525 MB)

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