Solo’s Easy ModPack v4 for WoT

One of the most popular modpacks for EU region.

What’s are in Solo’s modpack for World of Tanks

  • Convenient sight.
  • Black removal in sniper mode.
  • Automatic shooting.
  • Showing the level of battles in the platoon.
  • Statistics of fights for one session.
  • A new mode of aiming at artillery.
  • Jimbo XVM config
  • Demon XVM config
  • XVM
  • Clan Icons
  • SafeShot
  • XVM updater programm
  • Different sounds mods
  • Nice hangars
  • Mod time in hangar
  • Team HP Pool Bar
  • Noscroll
  • Zoom
  • AutoEquip mod
  • No frog
  • Tank icons
  • 3d icons
  • damage panel
  • and others useful mods


As you can see, the assembly turned out to be extremely minimalistic. Here you will damage panels, scopes, zoom mods, hangars, so on.  Well all the most necessary is included in the assembly. In general, one of the best modpacks.

How to install  Solo’s modpack

The modpack installation is identical to the installation of others modpacks, just run the installation file and tell the installer where the game is installed.


Solo’s Easy ModPack v.1 for WoT (57 MB)

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