Sound mod sixth sense with signal SOS for World of Tanks 1.0

With the help of this small modification, you can supplement the light sense from perk “Sixth Sense” not only with the image, but with a sound, or, more precisely, Morse’s signal. Now notice that you have lightened up even easier!


In the beginning, you should choose a variant of a signal – one eight-second, another twelve-second. Then we do the following steps:

  • Copy the folders from the downloaded archive to World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \ 1.0

That is all, the mod is installed!

How can this little modification help you in combat? As you know, during the action of the percussion “Sixth Sense”, a picture of a light appears on the screen, informing you that you have been lighted. However, the light sense is rather faded, it can simply not be noticed. Modder creates their own versions of light sense, but even they can be supplemented with a soundtrack. Thanks to the sound, you never miss the moment when you are lighted. And this is very important in battle!


Sound mod (1 MB)

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