TAIPAN sight for World of Tanks 1.4.0

This sight has quite a specific visual design, which is useful in battle in World of Tanks game. In this sight a drum with projectiles will be displayed on the player’s screen (if you use French tanks with a loading drum), an indicator of strength on the right side of the sight, recharge time in the left part of the sight. Stock of projectiles on the right side of the sight. The marker of the sight is dynamic and indicates the place of penetration of the tank, or rather the probability of breaking through in accordance with the color of the marker. This means:

  • a red marker – the probability of breaking through is 0
  • yellow – the chance of breaking through is 50%
  • green – the chance of breaking through is 80%.

TAIPAN sight TAIPAN sight

With this sight, your game will be much more comfortable. As you can see, the sniper and arcade sights are equipped with a beautiful central marker in the form of a small, green square. In addition to the sight is informative information, which will always tell you the probability of breaking your shell at an induced point on the enemy’s armor.


You need to copy the contents of the archive to the directory with the game: World of Tanks / res_mods
Download TAIPAN Sight for World of Tanks 1.4.0


TAIPAN sight (400 KB)

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