Tank Carousel with LED Lights from Hawg 1.5.0

Agree that you often had situations when you came into battle, not on the tank you wanted. Often, this is due to the fact that the standard illumination of a selected tank in a carousel is not very noticeable. And there will surely be among you who would have dreamed of changing it. It is able to make a color stroke of the chosen tank in the carousel for WOT 1.5.0

It will replace the stroke of the carousel cells on one of the 30 suggested variants. You will be able to select only the contours or the contours with the background, with this option the selected tank becomes most noticeable. Besides that it is very convenient and practical, you also decorate your hangar. It’s remarkable that the mod does not conflict with XVM and other assembly mods, so you can install it over the modifications that you already have installed and nothing will break.


Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT /), confirming the replacement.


Hawg_Led_Carousel_5.1.0 (4 MB)

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