Techno sight for World of Tanks

Techno sight for World of Tanks WOT

Many World of Tanks players are looking for different ways to optimize the client’s interface in order to quickly perceive information, and the Techno scope for WOT should help with this. The author reworked the system so that the user could see only the necessary parameters on the monitor, and also changed the aiming circle, making it more visible.

After the player sets the Techno sight and enters the battle, after activating the sniper mode, it will immediately notice that the familiar circle is replaced with a translucent blue. Such an interface element is more noticeable against the background of the general environment, therefore, the player will be able to more accurately aim, being reduced to the enemy technique.

Techno sight for World of Tanks

Around the sight are the parameters that display information about the state of technology: total reload time, time to the next shot, the number of HP in the tank, as well as the distance to the target. The user can at any time look at any of these parameters and make the right decision on how to act in battle.


Techno sight (2 MB)

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