Technological hangar for World of Tanks 1.0

After installing this hangar, all your tanks will be transferred to a high-tech cave. The mod is made by the developers themselves, who are not the first time to prove that Wargaming can make well hangars.

Features of modification

  • Complete change of everything.
  • The hangar will work both with a premium account and without it.
  • Your tank will now stand in a cave, which will please you with the highest detail – there is a dismantled tank, there is a waterfall, and to the left, there is a slightly open gate with the words “Roll Out”.
  • From the bottom, under the platform on which your tank stands, there is a game logo Wargaming.
  • Beautiful lighting from a lot of spotlights.
  • From below is a tunnel with a railway.

How to install this mod?

  • Copy the configs folder to \ World_of_Tanks \ mods \.
  • Copy the rest of the folders and files to World of Tanks \ mods \ 1.0

In the meantime, the new hangar is loaded, we advise you to look at a few more pictures:


tehnologichnyy_angar (25 MB)

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