The best modpacks

Modpacks –  use simply popularity for gamers because players no longer need to independently collect mods, check them for efficiency and test. Now, all the working modifications you can find in one ModPack.
Another difference is fact that modpack developers have learned not to impose their own mods. In one ModPack they put hundreds of mods, which you can select with a few clicks. Thus, you can choose a unique sight or a new damage panel in the assembly itself, and do not need to search for them over the Internet, and then suffer with the installation.

We offer you only the most popular and necessary modpacks for World of Tanks. All the assemblies have been tested for performance and have no viruses. All modpacks are completely legal and allowed by the developers.

The most popular modpacks:

 Aslain’s XVM Modpack

– Modpack from webium

– Modpack from JOVE 

Modpack PRO Tanki