The Relhax Modpack for WOT

Modpack under the name OMC stops working with the release of update But if you have already managed to get upset I hasten to please you – the developers do not stop their work. The author of the OMC modpack decided to radically change and improve it.

So in patch, we are waiting for a new modpack which called Relhax Modpack.

Main features and changes in this assembly:

  • Now every player before the installation of mod can get acquainted with it. Developers installed a preview system. You can get acquainted with the help of preview screenshots or sound
  • All mods in the assembly are the most necessary and popular
  • modpack has the fastest installer. The author made his own template and now modpack is loaded in a matter of seconds.
  • Simple and affordable interface
  • For people with poor vision of the author, it was possible to increase the font size. Now ease you can increase any font.

At the moment a beta version of modpack has been released, so it may have some errors or bugs, if you find such write to us in the comments. The author promises to improve and make better his project. Keep for updates.

How to install modpack


The Relhax Modpack (3 MB)

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