UML Utilization Project for World of Tanks

The main purpose of the UML Utilization Project mod is to change the animation in the World of Tanks game. Mod has absorbed the animation changes for more than 62 tanks, reviving and decorating the gameplay. UML Utilization completely fits into the concept of the game, making the technique more natural and realistic. Mod does not interfere with the game process, adding tanks of historicity and fully revealing their game animation potential.

The technique was able to use all of its guns, moving turrets and commander’s hatches. In addition, the installation of the mod allows you to include on the tanks lights, enjoy more realistic artillery shots and beautiful transformation of some tank destroyers. Own unique mechanics of armored vehicles (mobile stabilizing supports, working machine guns, collapsible platforms), made the tanks truly historic.

With the help of additional animation of the modes, UML Utilization changes the static character of the classic models of tanks, making the gameplay more interesting and captivating. Installing a mod does not require a computer to improve performance.
Important: Mod conflicts with other remodels and skins!
Modification controls: to play the animation, press the button: KEY_INSERT and KEY_DELETE.
Shooting from additional guns: KEY_BACKSPACE.


UML Utilization Project (75 MB)

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