Update 1.0 for WOT. In march

We introduce update 1.0 for World of Tanks

According to the developers – this will be the most global update of the game for all the years of its existence. The familiar tank world will be transformed beyond recognition, which definitely will interest the players. A key feature of the large-scale patch will be the introduction of a new gaming platform that will radically change the concept of the game.

Work in this direction was conducted for 3 years. Developers were looking for a technology that would fully satisfy the increased requirements, and at the same time left the freedom for further evolution of graphics.

The release date of the update 1.0 World of Tanks is scheduled for March 2018.

Thanks to the introduction of the new engine, the main elements of mechanics and gameplay were created from the zero, so the graphics component moves to a fundamentally new indicator. Let’s talk about changes that will await us in the release of the global patch 0.1.

25 locations will change

Here not only the textures of the image are transformed, now each location gets its own, non-transferable aura. Thanks to this, we can enjoy such visual effects:

  • Realistic – the new graphics provide mixing of 16 textures, making the image voluminous and alive.
  • Water – now the machines and the interacting objects will get wet, moreover, the technique will very reliably push the water in motion, and the sounds of the shots are given off by acoustic waves on the surface.
  • Environment – forget about flat and unnatural trees, and immerse ourselves in the real atmosphere of wildlife. The game will have several varieties of trees and shrubs that exactly match their real prototype. This will make the landscape unique and diverse.
  • Sky – there will be moving clouds, the sky of each location will be different, emphasizing and supplementing the individuality of the maps.
  • Light effects are now a game of light and darkness, shadows in motion and other effects will exactly match physical laws, complementing the realism of what is happening.
  • Objects – lovers of crushing fences and destroying houses receive the long-awaited technology for visualizing Havok’s destructible objects, which will make it as beautiful and enchanting as possible.
  • Post-effects – improved customization takes the quality of the image to a new level.


Longtime fans of the game probably noticed that the big part of the past update affected only the graphics component, balance, and optimization. At the same time over the voice acting game serious work was not carried out. Now, this defect is corrected, and on an unusually global scale: 15 terabytes of sounds and melodies were recorded, over which was worked about 40 musicians.

Remember, in the beginning, we mentioned that the update 1.0 is aimed at personalizing the game locations? Now for the battle on each map there will be a traditional musical accompaniment, organically blending into the national atmosphere. On sand maps, we will hear Arabic tunes, battles on the “Pass” will be accompanied by Georgian rhythms, a new map “Lost City” will be supplemented by Kazakh motives.


Many players complained that the developers are not working on optimizing the game and are not releasing new cards. This is not true. Most tankers do not even realize that the creation and release of new locations are inextricably linked with the optimization of the game process.

Each card is customized in such a way that it is equally comfortable displayed on the powerful game hardware and computer monitors equipped with weak processors. The main task of WG is to provide the most comfortable game for all players.

Video review World of Tanks 1.0 March 2018

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