World of Tanks 1.6.0

Update 1.6.0 for World of Tanks

Work on the next update is starting: on the general test, you are waiting for high-level British light tanks, changes in personal combat missions, rectangular decals and other appearance elements. In addition, the damage was turned off for the allies and their destruction by shot and ram.

High level British light tanks

In the ranks of the “British” replenishment – a whole branch of new tanks! In update 1.6, four fast and extremely dangerous British light tanks of VII – X levels will break into battlefields. The study of the branch will begin at level VI with Cromwell.

One of the main features of the high-level British “fireflies” will be their miniature size – even smaller than that of pumped French light tanks. They will become one of the smallest cars in the game, barely exceeding the size of ELC Even 90. They are extremely difficult to detect! Even if you manage to do this, it is even more difficult to hit them, especially in motion.

In addition, British intelligence officers will receive:

  • Good review. The dangerous game of passive light is a favorite activity of the “British”.
  • Excellent masking. Small size greatly reduces visibility. But getting into these tanks is even more difficult – a great opportunity to implement a review.
  • Good momentum. New tanks are quickly gaining the declared speed. And it is well kept, so that if necessary, they can play the role of active light. But it is best to use the dynamics to occupy the point of passive glare. In this “British” – the champions.
  • A weapon with a one-time serious damage. One-time damage in new tanks is really impressive. In this regard, the guns are not inferior to the guns of “classmates”, and in combination with other characteristics make the “British” extremely dangerous rivals. At the same time, stabilization is mediocre, therefore it is better to shoot from the spot and after careful preparation

In aggregate, all these parameters make British light tanks excellent scouts. The combination of a good view, excellent camouflage and small size is a rarity in our game. New tanks are ideal for both active and passive intelligence. In this instrument – an important part of the gameplay.

Changing the conditions of personal combat missions

The conditions of about 40 tasks within the framework of the third operation of the Second Front campaign were simplified. Now the final implementation will be closer than before, but it will still require commitment and a high level of play.

Change in appearance

Now you can:

  • move the selected decal to see how it looks elsewhere;
  • turn or remove decals from the car with a couple of mouse clicks.

What are other news?

  • added information tips to the interface of the Angar. They will help determine from which sections you can choose decal, on which part of the machine you can apply it, etc.
  • introduced new rectangular (multidimensional) decals into the game. In addition, they can be applied to certain points of the machine, for example, on the entire right side. The points for applying decals may vary for different tanks.
  • added a new set of square decals for vehicles of levels VIII and X, as well as new fonts for tactical numbers.
  • You can see detailed information about some of the available styles directly in the game client.

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