Warhammer Damage Panel for World of Tanks 1.0.2


  • Adapted for 1.0.2;
  • fixed bug with long loading in the hangar after the fight;
  • corrected the staining of the type of projectile in the log;


We present to your attention the reincarnation of a very stylish damage panel “Warhammer” for World of Tanks 1.0.2. Once upon a time, a well-known author marsoff made this panel at the request of fans of the famous game Warhammer. It has much to taste, but times change and the game does not stand still, with the transition to a new flash, a lot of popular mods stopped working and many modders stopped adapting them.

We updated all old mods to new game patches. The panel turned out very convenient, we fit it to the standard size of the default panel and now the standard log damage from WG is very cool with it.


  • Install the font.
  • Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT), confirming the replacement.


Damage Panel Warhammer (700 KB)

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