White dead tanks for World of Tanks

When enemy wants to save himself then he tries to quickly find a shelter for repair the equipment and to cure the crew members who were injured. Very often, as a protective cover, already destroyed tank is selected. It is a good protection, is not it?!

White dead tanks about

It’s impossible to break a heap of scrap metal and if some part of the tank protrudes then it can be very difficult to notice it. And it is even more difficult to accurately aim and hit a part of the target. The enemy makes a respite with impunity and again engages in a fight. Worse, when the enemy uses this place as a firing point. To damage him can only arty. But even not always. For such a situation there is a good solution – mod white dead tanks for World of Tanks 1.2.0

After installing this mod, the picture of the next fight changes a lot. Destroyed armored vehicles become white. And everyone who wants to hide behind such a shield is clearly distinguished by the protruding parts. It’s time to damage such enemy. To do it will be very easy.

White dead tanks – replaces the dead tanks with white ones. Now you do not have to look where to shoot if another tank hid behind the killed tank, it’s very cool to see in the screenshot.
The mod of dead tanks will help you to see the hiding enemy behind the killed tank. Now mod is presented in four versions:

  • white
  •  black
  • blue
  • red
  • green

White dead tanks mod White dead tanks mod White dead tanks mod White dead tanks mod White dead tanks

In the latest update in mod was added a new, universal program for creating textures of dead tanks and not only. With its help you can make textures with the color you need. For each type of texture, you can immediately set the desired color in the html format.


Copy the vehicles and content folder to WOT / res_mods /1.6.1.


White Dead Tanks (10 MB)

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