X-ray mod. Always visible enemy’s contour for WOT

With this mod, to pay becomes more comfortable, since now the contours of enemies are always shown, even when you are not pointed at the enemy tank.

Features and benefits of using modification X-ray

If you do not use amateur modifications, then the enemy’s stroke is activated only when you are brought to the tank. In other cases, the marker is shown over the machines. This is not very convenient if the enemy is behind some obstacle, for example, a house. Or behind thick vegetation. We have to focus exclusively on the marker, and since the shooting is being conducted ahead, the contour is lost.

Mod solves this problem and activates always visible contours, so that you feel comfortable playing. Now you will see the outline of the machine, which is hidden behind the obstacle!

Mod is forbidden by the creators of the game and laid out for informational purposes!

X-ray installation

First, you need to go to the folder\ World_of_Tanks \ res_mods \
After that, copy the folder from the archive with the modification to the folder that we visited earlier. Everything is installed and working!
Video review:


X-ray mod (150 KB)

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