XVM 7.8.3 for World of Tanks 1.5.0

This mod has many names: xvm mod, XVM from a jove or a protanki, but they all have one thing in common. This is an excellent modification to determine the effectiveness of its allies and enemies right in the battle. These data are extremely necessary for every player in the World of Tanks. There are situations when you can not immediately decide who to shoot or which player to focus on. But looking at the xvm data makes the choice easier. It is necessary to destroy the strongest opponent, and beginners or players weaker. Thanks to this modification you can see the most needed statistics of the players: the number of fights, the percentage of wins, efficiency and so on.

About XVM

When player World of Tanks presses the button “Into the battle” and see appears list of commands, the first thought that appears to him will be: “What allies have I get today ?!” Because WOT is a team game and win alone is almost impossible. To indulge in reflections or  guess, it’s easier to install a  XVM mod for World of Tanks 1.5.0 What does it give?

Firstly, already in hangar, changes begin to appear. Near the badge of armored vehicles, there is information about the percentage of victories of this tank. The figures are multi-colored so that it’s easier to navigate about advanced gamer is.
Secondly, already at the time of downloading the game, the modification receives from the server information about all the players who will participate in the exciting (or not) battle. Near the icons of each participant there are numbers – efficiency or otherwise, the rating of efficiency. Moreover, these data are highlighted by certain colors. Looking at them at once you can determine that players with green color are very serious “tankers”.

“Yellow” inferior to them in skills, but not much. The style of playing “orange” soldiers is kept at the level of three points of the school program. How to play “red” – it should be clear and without words. Comparison with crustaceans came precisely from the color of the shell of cooked cancer. In addition, this mod shows an approximate version of the outcome of the battle, although it is not necessary to believe it unconditionally.


How to use the information received? It is not difficult to understand that it is necessary to support more experienced players. Providing them with help, one can gain the upper hand and become the winner.
It is also not difficult to use the obtained data against the opposing team. It is required to set a goal – first of all, to disable the strong participants, and then to do the trimming of the weak. And if in a fight had to face an experienced rival forehead on the forehead, then it is better to try to withdraw and wait for the help of the allies, if possible.

You can also see whose team wins by the number of HP. There is a counter that shows how much the player made: how many times it hit and what damage it caused to some technique; and who of the enemies fired back.


xvm-7.8.3 (9 MB)

xvm 7.8.2.exe (9 MB)


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